Pay No Taxes When You Sell Your Property

Taking the Mystery Out of Tax Planning When Selling Your Investment Property or High Valued Residence


Learn How You Can  

Solve Your  Uncomfortable 

Circumstances of Real Estate Ownership

Top Investment Strategists understand how to turn their problems of property ownership into solutions by implementing the Tax Deferred Cash-Out strategy. 

The main premise of the strategy is not how much the property sells for but how much get to keep.


  • Enables seller to defer capital gains for decades
  • Seller receives a non-taxable lump sum nearly equivalent to the sales proceeds
  • Gives seller complete freedom to reinvest their lump sum in any way they choose
  • Provides an exit strategy and does not require the purchase of "like-kind" replacement property
  • Allows for sale of capital assets to related parties
  • Can rescue a failing 1031 exchange

View the short introductory video then contact me with any questions you may have concerning the strategy.

Michael Kole * 858-848-4274 * michael@InvestmentStrategies.Team

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